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Portfolio and projects

The treasures of the Blenio Valley

An interactive treasure hunt

“The treasures of the Blenio Valley”, is an interactive treasure hunt suitable for the whole family, which invites you to discover the territory of the Blenio Valley in a dynamic way and in contact with nature. A project that is part of the broader and more ambitious purpose of reinvigoration of the Campo Blenio area even during the summer season.

The new generation treasure hunt, so called because it is a combination of innovation and tradition, unfolds on an exciting 4km long discovery path (with little difference in altitude) that leads its users to come into contact in a fun and playful way with some naturalistic and scientific aspects of the territory.

Link: Treasure hunt - Campo Blenio

Link: Treasure hunt - Lukmanier


RSI, Vacanze a km 0,14 luglio 2021,...in Valle di Blenio

Discover the territory by playing

Innovation and tradition

Family fun