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Portfolio and projects

Elia Frapolli Consulenza e Turismo

Portfolio and projects

Habitat Lago Maggiore

A widespread B&B nestled in the heart of Ticino's nature

Hotel Walser

Support and analysis for the re-positioning of an accommodation facility on the market.

B&B Leontica

Feasibility study for a new generation of accommodation in the tourism sector.

Turismo Moesano 2030

Collaboration in the development of a functional tourism strategy that will allow the Moesano region to realize its potential.

Lugano Airport

Support in the reconfiguration of Lugano airport with regard to tourism-related aspects.

Messa in rete impianti risalita

Analysis, advice, and support in the implementation of the project and coordination of the various actors involved.

Città di Locarno

Locarno and MICE tourism: trends and its potential

Birdbox, Curzùtt

Setting up, consulting and project management

I Tesori di Brissago

Next-generation playful-educational treasure hunt

B&B Guglielmo Tell, Gordevio

Tourism feasibility study

Masterplan Leventina and Blenio Valley

Strategy documents in support of peripheral regions

Brissago turistica quo vadis

Destination analysis and tourism development study

Paesaggio Giumaglio

Preliminary analysis for the tourist enhancement of the Dalògh nucleus and the old Giumaglio grottos

Tourist accommodation on the outskirts of Rome

Market analysis for the implementation of a new paradigm of multi-target tourist accommodation

Parco Val Calanca

Destination analysis and tourism enhancement study 

Nomady in Ticino

Consulting and public relations 

The treasures of the Blenio Valley

An interactive treasure hunt

Recreational-tourist center Bignasco

Tourism optimization and fundraising strategy

Albergo Stazione Grill, Biasca

Tourism feasibility study

Albergo Basodino

Tourism feasibility study

Gionitus Astronomical Observatory

Qualitative business plan

Vallombrosa Wine Experience

Repositioning and tourist feasibility 

Momò Bellavista, Monte Generoso

An experiential, innovative and totally reversible tourist settlement concept 

Albergo Robiei - OFIMA

Repositioning and tourist feasibility 

Bavona Valley - Municipality of Cevio

Management of tourist flows and enhacement of the territory

Federal Department of Finance

Stays to rise awarness of the language and culture of Italian-speaking Switzerland

Gorda Mountain Hut

A new hut in line with the needs of the market

Welcome on Monte San Giorgio

Rediscover the original essence of a symbolic building 

Golf night experience Losone

New concept of experiential tourist accommodation

Hackathon online: Fu-turismo

Collaboratively explore tourism potential 

Tree Tent Parco San Grato

Sleeping like leaves on trees

Night Sky Tamaro

A new tourism concept, a unique experience, under the stars

Organic Farm Il Cardo

When agriculture and tourism go hand in hand

B&B in the center of Miglieglia

Tradition, innovation and tourism

WALSER & SPA hotel

The union between wellness and mountain resorts

Ticino Fu-Tourism

Free Webinar to watch #beyondthecrisis together

Post COVID-19 tourism in Vallemaggia

Toward a healthy, responsible and sustainable tourism 

BTO Firenze 2020

Event advice and moderation

Camping Pro Natura Lucomagno

Sleeping in contact with nature 

Destination Lucomagno

A new bottom-up destination paradigm

Sun Village Acquarossa

An innovative tourist center tailored to the valley

BLU Restaurant & Lounge

A diversified and cutting-edge marketing plan

Camping Piccolo Paradiso

New development opportunities in the world of camping

Patriciate of Scareglia

New opportunities for relaunch and territorial repositioning

Ticino Film Commission

An innovative "location guide" in step with the times