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Portfolio and projects

Elia Frapolli Consulenza e Turismo

Portfolio and projects

Tree Tent Parco San Grato

Sleeping like leaves on trees

Night Sky Tamaro

A new tourism concept, a unique experience, under the stars

Organic Farm Il Cardo

When agriculture and tourism go hand in hand

B&B in the center of Miglieglia

Tradition, innovation and tourism

WALSER & SPA hotel

The union between wellness and mountain resorts

Ticino Fu-Tourism

Free Webinar to watch #beyondthecrisis together

BTO Firenze 2020

Event advice and moderation

Destination Lucomagno

A new bottom-up destination paradigm

Sun Village Acquarossa

An innovative tourist center tailored to the valley

BLU Restaurant & Lounge

A diversified and cutting-edge marketing plan

Camping Piccolo Paradiso

Nuove opportunità di sviluppo nel mondo del campeggio

Patriziato di Scareglia

Nuove opportunità di rilancio e riposizionamento territoriale

Ticino Film Commission

An innovative "location guide" in step with the times