Elia Frapolli Consulenza e Turismo

Advice and solution for those seeking new perspectives,
in order to turn problems into opportunities.
No off-the-peg solutions: instead, bespoke
solutions tailored specifically to your business.

We cannot
our problems
with the same
we used when
we created them
Albert Einstein

Advice and solutions

Feasibility studies, business models & business plans

To translate an idea into reality, you need more than just a creative spark: you need careful research, analysis and planning. In every project I work on, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise built up over the years.

Marketing solutions

In a market where consumers are flooded with marketing messages, you can still achieve visibility with a well-targeted marketing strategy. By carefully researching the market, consumer attitudes and the economic and political climate, you can develop high-impact, cost-effective marketing strategies.

Destination governance

New forms of integrated tourism management are challenging the traditional models used by tourist boards and traditional destination marketing organisations. In a complex and constantly evolving tourism sector, the latter often find themselves struggling to meet the needs of all players in the tourism value chain.

Thematic seminars and workshops

Knowledge grows by sharing: I organise seminars and workshops that offer participants a memorable creative learning experience.

Portfolio and projects

Masterplan Leventina and Blenio Valley

Strategy documents in support of peripheral regions

Albergo Arcobaleno - Relais al Lucomagno

Tourism feasibility study

Brissago turistica quo vadis

Destination analysis and tourism development study

Parco Val Calanca

Destination analysis and tourism enhancement study 

Nomady in Ticino

Consulting and public relations 

The treasures of the Blenio Valley

An interactive treasure hunt

Recreational-tourist center Bignasco

Tourism optimization and fundraising strategy

Momò Bellavista, Monte Generoso

An experiential, innovative and totally reversible tourist settlement concept 

Federal Department of Finance

Stays to rise awarness of the language and culture of Italian-speaking Switzerland

Organic Farm Il Cardo

When agriculture and tourism go hand in hand

Sun Village Acquarossa

An innovative tourist center tailored to the valley

Elia Frapolli

Tourism has always been my greatest passion. It is a branch of the economy that is not about intangible goods or mere numbers but rather about welcoming real living people. It requires the ability to listen to others and see things from their perspective.

As the director of Ticino Turismo (see my CV) from 2012 to 2019, I experienced first-hand the challenges, difficulties and successes of the Ticino, a canton heavily reliant on tourism. My job involved promoting the Ticino worldwide as a holiday, travel and conference destination. Sustainability and innovation have always been hallmarks of my work.

I am driven by my natural enthusiasm and a deep affection for the place I call home and am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I believe that in all things in life, one must find the courage to step off the beaten track and blaze new trails.


Grand Hotel Booking

10 settembre 2021, RSI, Patti chiari 

Camping? Dal contadino è meglio

19 Agosto 2021, RSI, Il Quotidiano

Vacanze a km 0 in Valle di Blenio

14 luglio 2021, RSI, Vacanze a km 0