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Portfolio and projects

Elia Frapolli Consulenza e Turismo

Portfolio and projects

Destination Lucomagno

A new bottom-up destination paradigm

www.destinazionelucomagno.ch: : a site, open to the ideas and suggestions of all those who love this region, which turns its gaze towards new horizons, outlining the contours of a new destination with great yet unexpressed potential. Located in the heart of the region, the Centro Pro Natura Lucomagno intends to be a meeting point, for dialogue and for the search for integrated solutions between the various vocations of the territory: nature, agriculture and leisure.

Analysis of the development potential of the destination, of the latent synergies between the various actors present on site and development of an interactive site for the involvement of the population and stakeholders.

  • An extraordinary naturalistic and landscape context
  • In an easily accessible region
  • Which does not by definition mean success and development ...