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Portfolio and projects

Elia Frapolli Consulenza e Turismo

Portfolio and projects

“Lavizzara, the valley of marble and sculpture” - new potentials for territorial and tourist development

Creation of an interactive mini-website

In the year of inauguration of the International Sculpture Center of Peccia (CIS) it is important to start laying the foundations for a progressive integration and harmonization of the CIS activity within the socio-economic fabric of the valley. In this sense, it is important that the CIS, once operational, does not turn into an "island" disconnected from the surrounding context, but rather a driving force for territory and projects in favor of the local territory.

www.lavizzara2030.ch: through the development of a mini-website, the project analyzes the potential development of the CIS and the latent synergies between the various actors present on site in order to outline some possible directions and concrete ideas.


New opportunities

Valley of marble and sculpture